Custom Programs

Here are some programs, tailor made for our customers:

4 Days
5 Days
5 Days

Day 1

For your first day at Petra, we suggest starting your vacation getting breakfast either on the hotel or outside at the nearby cafes (2 mins away). After finishing your breakfast you can go to the beach and enjoy the beautiful waters. When it’s time for lunch you have many choices, considering that all beach bars offer both food and snacks. For those who prefer something more traditional there are beautiful taverns only 3 minutes away from the beach.
For the afternoon we recommend taking a walk at the centre of Petra and enjoying a drink and some traditional gyros or something sweet. (Tip ask for “pita gyro apola” if you prefer all the extras)


Day 2

Near Petra at a distance of 10 minutes (by car) there is the well known village of Molyvos. Its beauty will take your breath away. Graphic houses and alleys, the sea, a castle on the top of the village and the beautiful sunset makes it worth a visit.
We recommend going there when the sun goes down for enjoying one of the best sunsets on the island. For great food as well as nice view, you can choose one of the restaurants at the harbour of the village. Molyvos is known for the night life that can please every taste, either you prefer a quiet bar or something more fun. There, you can also take a visit the castle of Molyvos either at night, to enjoy a drink at the restaurant there or in the morning to take a walk and discover its beautiful history. ( it’s good to know, that in order to go to the castle there is a ten mins walk on sloped road)


Day 3

Another place worth visiting is the village of Sigri, distant 51 km from Petra. At Sigri, there is the museum of the fossilised forest, the one and only in which is a one at a lifetime experience that will leave you speechless. On the way back to the hotel you can take visit Skala Eressos a beautiful village with perfect beaches and good food. You can make a stop there to enjoy the waters and the beautiful restaurants.


Day 4

On your last day on the island we recommend something more relaxing. You can visit the landmarks of Petra and more specifically the beautiful church of Panagia that is built on a rock and is located on the centre of Petra. Going there you can also pass by a very graphic little market and shop some souvenirs and local products. Petra is known for the beautiful sunset so it would be a good idea to relax on the beach all day and watch the sunset.

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